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The Melrose Gallery: “Esther Mahlangu 85”, 2020-2021

The Melrose Gallery: “Esther Mahlangu 85”, 2020-2021

In November of 2020, Esther’s international gallery representative, The Melrose Gallery launched 'Esther Mahlangu 85', a powerful solo exhibition in celebration of Dr Esther Mahlangu's 85th birthday at their gallery at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Despite Dr Mahlangu's international reputation, this exhibition was surprisingly one of only a handful of solo exhibitions to take place in South Africa, over her illustrious 7 decade long career. 'Esther Mahlangu 85', curated by Ruzy Rusike, was therefore a rare opportunity for South Africans and international collectors to experience a wide body of works displayed together in one space, either at the gallery or via the online viewing room.

At the time of the exhibition, Esther surprised the industry by adding another descriptor to her long list of international accolades through the launch of her first sculptural works proving that despite being 85 years old she, like the nature of art itself, was still very much evolving.

This exhibition was extremely well received, leading to an extension for an additional 4 months beyond its previously planned end date.

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