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Enrico Navarra: “The Breath of Calligraphy”, 2023

Enrico Navarra: “The Breath of Calligraphy”, 2023

In 2023, The galleries Enrico Navarra and 75 Faubourg presented the exhibition "The Breath of Calligraphy' at Galerie 75 Faubourg. Curated by Ruzy Rusike, this exciting exhibition showcased a selection of Esther Mahlangu’s acrylics on canvas that she created from 2010 to 2022.

This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Almine Rech who was simultaneously presenting works by Mahlangu in their Paris showroom rue de Turenne, and an Esther Mahlangu solo show in their London gallery.

Despite being a very busy period for Esther in London and France, this exhibition was extremely well received and was ultimately extended!

Exhibition Gallery

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