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BMW Individual 7 Series by Esther Mahlangu - 2016

Following their iconic collaboration for the BMW art car collection in 1991, BMW and Esther Mahlangu joined forces for the second time in 2016 when Esther refined a BMW 7 Series. This time around Esther worked with the BMW Individual Manufaktur, transforming a luxury sedan into a one-of-a-kind work of art by painting her renowned patterns on the BMW interior wood trim.

To make this process possible the team at BMW Individual Manufaktur developed a special white-coloured fine-wood trim on which Esther could paint before they were sealed to ensure longevity. The custom panels were then installed within the vehicle to complete the one-of-a-kind automobile which was released to the public at the Frieze Art Fair in Regent’s Park, London. This unique vehicle was then offered for silent auction with the proceeds from the sale contributing to donation to The Art Room, an organization that uses art as a therapeutic intervention in schools to aid young people who struggle with their learning because of emotional or behavioral difficulties.

“My art has taken me all over the world and I have seen many places, I have painted many walls and objects and my work is in many museums but I am still Esther Mahlangu from Mpumalanga in South Africa. My heart was full of joy when BMW asked me again to paint for them.”

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