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Collaboration with John Legend for Belvedere RED Campaign - 2017

Belvedere vodka approached Esther Mahlangu to collaborate, with John Legend, on a new campaign called #MakeTheDifference, during which they pledged to donate 50% of the profits from every limited- edition bottle sold to the Global Fund to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

During this collaboration Esther Mahlangu worked alongside John Legend, the Global Ambassador of the year, to produce an inspiring music video as a part of the (BELVEDERE) RED campaign. In addition each limited-edition bottle, was decorated with Esther’s iconic artwork and an inspiring message from Legend that read, “This is no ordinary mission and this is no ordinary bottle. It is filled with hope and an unstoppable spirit for change. Working together, our efforts with (BELVEDERE) RED can make a real difference.”

If you are yet to have had the opportunity to enjoy this heartwarming video built around a much needed cause, we highly recommend you watch it now.

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